250px-Wayne Ramsey
Wayne Ramsey
First appearance"The Stand"
Last appearance"Clue"
Biographical information
ProfessionLeader of the Rebels

Wayne Alexander Ramsey was the leader of the Rebels.



Wayne Ramsey was born in 1972 in Louisville, Kentucky.


While he initially lived in the Plains Nation, Ramsey eventually moved to the Monroe Republic in order to start and lead the Rebellion. In The Stand, Charlie, Danny, Nora, and Aaron met Wayne Ramsey in a Rebel base in Annapolis, Maryland, where they were attacked by Monroe's Helicopters. Upon learning of the airstrike, he initially wanted to evacuate and end the Rebellion, but he decided to fight after realizing that there was not enough time to evacuate everyone safely.

In Ghosts, Miles Matheson told Wayne Ramsey that he is going to recruit Jim Hudson, a former Militia comrade who helped him in his ultimately unsuccessful plan to assassinate Monroe eleven years prior. He and Jim would then help to train the Rebels in the finer points of swordfighting, among other things.

He was fatally wounded by Jim Hudson in the episode Clue and ultimately died before he could reveal to Miles who wounded him.


According to a Militia Watch list, he is 5' 11" tall and weighs 170 pounds. Because of his affiliation with the Rebellion, the Republic is offering 4 pounds of gold or 80,000 Militia trade dollars for his capture.


The Monroe Republic Watch list.


  • Several sources on the NBC website list his rank as General, but in the episodes he is referred to simply as Commander. The reason for this is unknown.

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