A map of the post-blackout U.S. territories.

The Wasteland is a region in the western North American continent bordered by  the California Commonwealth to the West, the Plains Nation to the Northeast and Texas to the southeast. Maggie would have crossed this territory to get from Seattle, Washington to Wisconsin.


The Wasteland consists of the former states of New Mexico and parts of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming in addition to parts of Mexico.

The Wasteland is made mostly of deserts and the Rocky Mountains . Despite the harsh terrain and climate, some settlements exist along the Colorado River .

The city of Bradbury, Idaho is revealed to exist at the end of Season 2.


This region being called Wasteland implies that it is in a state of Terra nullius which is Latin for not being governed by any nation implying a lawless area.


While the inhabitants of the Wasteland have yet to be seen in the series, Aaron Pittman recounts various superstitions in his journal. Among them is the mistaken belief by the Wastelanders that pre-Blackout land mines are the work of mole-people.