Vincent Cooke
Vincent Cooke
Portrayed byDamon Carney
First appearanceLove Story
Last appearancePatriot Games
Biographical information
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
Savannah, Georgia
ProfessionPatriot Lieutenant
AffiliationThe Patriots

Lieutenant Vincent Cooke was a deputy director and member of The Patriots.


Interrogating Tom

After Allenford accepted Tom and Jason as members of The Patriots he was tasked with finding out as much he could about them. He had a couple of Patriots disguised as refugees knock the two out as they entered the camp in Savannah, Georgia. He then had them brought to an empty building to interrogate them. Jason watched as his father was beaten to try to get him to talk. Cooke revealed he knew Jason and Tom were part of The Monroe Militia, and Tom told Cooke that he believed Monroe was the one who nuked the East Coast. He told Cooke how he wanted revenge for the death of his wife, but Cooke still did not believe him, and prepared to execute Tom. He was stopped by Allenford who said they could use a person like Tom. Cooke untied him as she said they needed Jason for a special assignment.


A few days later after Tom arrived late Cooke sent him to the docks and told him he was waiting for Tom to make a mistake so he could kill him. Tom later noticed needle marks in his arm and questioned him, but Cooke left without answering. Later that night, Tom followed Cooke to an opium den. He took his weapon and tied him to the bed and waited for Cooke to wake up. When he woke up Cooke was staring down the barrel of his own gun. Tom said he would let him go if he told him the location of his son and gave him a promotion. Cooke agreed to a promotion, but said he did not know where Jason was. Tom continued to ask, but he gave the same answer every time. After a while Tom got annoyed and injected Cooke with a lethal dose of opium, killing him. The next day Allenford told Tom that Cooke was transferred to another camp.