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Portrayed byJulius Washington
First appearanceHappy Endings
Biographical information
ResidenceNew Vegas, Plains Nation (formerly)
AffiliationPage Clan

Vincent is a member of the Page Clan helping to fight The Patriots.



New Vegas

When Monroe arrived in New Vegas looking for Duncan Page he was among her men to protect her. Later after Monroe and Connor were arrested Charlie came looking for her assistance in freeing them he was there Durkin their talk. He then accompanied Page in turning her over to Ely Gould. After Charlie saved Duncan's life he took part in the attack on the Diamondback Casino saving Monroe and Connor's lives. Afterwords he was sent by Duncan to help Monroe take down The Patriots, but was to only take orders from Charlie.


Within a few days the group returns to Willoughby and meet up with Miles and Rachel. They soon discover The Patriots re-education center up and running. Monroe thinks since they have more men they should attack the camp, but the group refuses saying the cadets would be in the line of fire. Vincent and his men soon find two escaped cadets Dillion Mathews and Kim Carson. They soon notice the numbers tattooed on their eyelid and the group becomes split on whether or not they should kill the cadets. Vincent eventually sides with Gene Porter and agrees they should be brought back to their parents. After hearing of the death of Kim and her father Vincent decides to kill the remaining cadet Dillion. However they soon found themselves under attack by Neville and Truman along with a group of Patriot soldiers. Vincent lead the other mercenaries in the fight until they eventually had to flee, but it cost him one of his fellow Mercenaries.

Attack on The Patriots

He the other mercenaries went with the others to a new safehouse, but they soon fled again after the cadet Miles freed sold them out to Victor Doyle. Upon finding another safehouse they finally began to settle in for a bit. One night while on patrol Vincent spotted smoke in the distance. He followed it and found His tribe killing and burning Patriot soldiers. He found their new leader Scanlon who informed the group that The Patriots killed Duncan and many of their men. He informs them The Patriots are wiping out all the War Clans in The Plains Nation to reestablish order. After hearing this Vincent agrees they need to avenge Duncan's death and kill The Patriots. Within minutes the clan attacks the re-education center killing many Patriots, and wounding others, before executing them. Afterwards they find out the Patriots are sending cadets to Austin to overthrow the government there.

Under Rachel's Command

A few hours later when Jason arrives at the camp with Connor hostage Vincent is among the men aiming their guns at Jason. After hearing his story and agreeing to have Jason go with them to Austin Miles leaves Rachel in charge of the clan. While treating the wounded men Rachel tries to convince them that following Monroe will only lead them to their graves. Vincent and the others don't care as they are willing to die to avenge Duncan's death. Later Rachel finds Vincent holding Aaron and Priscilla at gunpoint. She orders him and his men to let them in because they are friends.