OK so heres what happens a long while back when this revolution show was like brand new in either 2012 or 2013 i was first checking to see if there was a NBC revolultion tv show wikia or not. I remember when i first discovered Judge dread wikia in late 2012. im now the chief Admin of this wikia. Im also loving the expansion of the wikia as well.

NBC revoultion map

Basic discriptiption - The map seems to show the general location and boundaries of the republic's and other regions of the metropole of the USA known as - the "Contingius USA and near areas" . the point is yes it shows the internal republics of this former USA and possesions region but the point is it does not show the city names very good, we need maps of each of the internal regions or republics of what was once known as but still currently is in the real world as the "USA and Possesions" right now theres 57 of them but was 58 at one time if the Green zone of baghdad was also included. the map does not acuratly show the names of the towns , Villages and cities very legiably at all really. i would rather it just have numbers and them i can read of on the page what the name really is then its no dispute what so ever as to what the name of the various municipalicies or former municipalies and moderen ages ruins and anceint and even pre-history contingious USA which had a culture known as "great plains hunters of the north" so i guess pre-history plains nation republic. the names of these spots on the map plus any other relevant areas on the map from the show that are supposed to be legible. Promethius20 (talk) 23:16, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

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