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My real Blackout survival plan

Over the past couple of months, I have put together a plan in case something like the Blackout happens in real life. Pretty much, I would be living like a nomad, the outlaw Josey Wales, Simo Hayha, or post-apocolyptic Batman. I have decent wilderness survival skills, and I'm pretty good with weapons too. At first, I would use a scoped .22 caliber single-shot rifle and a machete; I would eventually hope to upgrade to an M-4 carbine with an ACOG scope and an underbarrel shotgun. If I couldn't find one, I would use a scoped M-14. There is no way that I would use an AR-15; those things are junk.  I would also use a Vietnam-era bulletproof vest for protection.

As far as useful skills, I am good with most weapons. I also am good at organizing and scrounging. I can play the violin fairly well, but strings and rosin would probably be hard to come by post-Blackout.

Does anyone else have an Apocalypse Survival Plan?  I know this isn't Doomsday Preppers, but you never know...

There's an interesting game on the NBC Revolution website about survival skills. I got anywhere from a 50/50 chance of survival to 100%, depending on my answers.

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