United States of America
First appearance"The Dark Tower"
Group information
BaseUnited States Colony, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Washington D.C.
MembersRebel Members,

The Patriots


The United States of America was a country in North America, but it split into six parts after The Blackout



After the Blackout, the United States was divided into six parts: the Monroe Republic, the Georgia Federation, the Plains Nation, Texas, the California Commonwealth, and the Wasteland.

The U.S. Government has collapsed at an unknown point after the Blackout. After the rise of the Monroe Republic, the resistance group, known as the Rebels, fight against the Monroe Militia to restore the United States.

After the country was divided, it seems that a small enclave of the government moved to Cuba, including the President; there they await Randall Flynn's plan to turn the lights back on and destroy the Georgia Federation and Monroe Republic's capitals, Atlanta and Philadelphia. They have a small navy as well, consisting of dozen wooden tall ships.

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The American Flag

During the Blackout, the remaining members of the U.S. government fled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they formed the group called the Patriots. In Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Jack Davis, the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, plans to rebuild a new America and form a dictatorship. Davis also proposes a coup to kill the Vice President. Davis then became the new President of the United States. However, he is a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who seeks to conquer America with an iron fist.

After the bombs were dropped in Atlanta and Philadelphia, they returned to the United States and then taking over the East Coast. The East Coast was turned into the United States and the Patriots begins to take over the Plains Nation, which was confirmed by Edward Truman and other characters. The Patriots have returned to the abandoned Washington D.C. to make the city their capital. After returning to Washington D.C., the Patriots moved back in to the White House, where it was being fixed and restored. Washington D.C. was now their capital of the "new" America. The Patriots, led by President Jack Davis, are planning to take over the entire continent to restore the United States and start a cruel dictatorship. However, in the Season 2 finale, President Jack Davis was arrested for his crimes against humanity, and Texas declares war on the Patriots, in order to wipe them out, after they discovered the Patriots' war crimes and atrocities. According to Miles, Texas has declared war on the Patriots in order to exterminate them, with the possibility of invading the eastern seaboard. In the Revolution (DC Comics series), the Patriots were all wiped out by Texas, who took control of Washington D.C. with the White House being captured. It is unknown if democracy was restored to the territories, occupied by Texas, after the Patriot-Texas War, and if the United States was ever re-established.


The Rebels and the Patriots both plan to restore the United States, and both groups use the American flag as a symbol. Other than superficial similarities, however, they are completely different in terms of motives.

The Patriots are cruel, oppressive, violent, aggressive, and deceptive, and they are planning to start a corrupt, tyrannical dictatorship in America. Unlike the Rebels, who were working to restore the pre-Blackout democratic United States of America, the Patriots wish to start over, and build a new America according to their own design, by starting a Totalitarian regime.


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