This is a timeline about the Revolution universe with key events that have previously happened.





















  • Sebastian Monroe's family is killed in a car crash.


The Blackout


  • The entire world loses electricity on the 17th of September.
  • The U.S. government arrives in Cuba


The following information came from the incident report issued by the United States Marine Corps following the blackout, some lines and information have been redacted.

[REDACTED] Fires still burning from crashed aircraft on base. Without operable water mains, crews forced to hand-carry buckets of seawater. Evacuating affected personnel to gymnasium while awaiting further instruction.

Day 8 - 22 enlisted men and women reported AWOL. Reports of civilian riots at the main gate. Awaiting further instruction.

Day 17 - Couriers sent on foot to nearest D.O.D. sites. Awaiting further instruction.

Day 36 - Col. Wilson [REDACTED], pronounced dead by Coroner. Continuity of Command protocols enacted, Major Cowan assuming command of 3rd Battalion. First order is to await further instructions.

Day 57 - Munitions stolen from weapons depot. Sergeants Monroe and Matheson believed to be responsible, and are now AWOL. An additional 17 enlisted men and women AWOL.

Day 59 - Awaiting further instructions.

Day 61 - [REDACTED].

Day 63 - 14 military, 45 civilian casualties after an attempt by civilian forces to raid supplies. [REDACTED] confined to brig per Major Cowan's orders. Charged with murder of civilians. Awaiting further instructions.

Day 67 - [REDACTED] 6 confirmed suicides. 17 enlisted men and women reported AWOL. Awaiting further instructions.

Day 68 - I should have followed them.

Day 70. Over half of the base is AWOL. Why are we still protecting it? Why do we deserve to have a stockpile of food when so many people are suffering and dying outside?


  • Jack Davis and other members of the US government begin plans to retake North America.




  • A unnamed daughter was born by Priscilla Pittman.






  • The Rebels orchestrate an attack on Miles Matheson and Bass Monroe, but it fails.


  • Miles Matheson along with Jim Hudson enters Philadelphia and attempts to kill Sebastian Monroe, Private Jacob Renn is also involved as he opened the gate.
  • Tom Neville is promoted to Captain.


  • The setting of Revolution TV series by NBC.
  • Ben Matheson gets shot by one of Tom Neville's men.
  • Fletcher dies as George ultimately shot him in the abdomen, but Tom Neville gave Fletcher a bottle of liquid opium to end his suffering.
  • George dies as Tom Neville shoots him after he kills Fletcher.
  • Jacob dies after being questioned by Miles Matheson about the whereabouts of Nora Clayton, after finding the information out, Miles brakes his neck.
  • Nora is rescued
  • The heroes went on a journey to find Danny.
  • Rachel and Danny are rescued.
  • Danny is killed.
  • Miles and the others join the Rebels.
  • Rachel and Aaron leaves Charlie and the others and went on a journey to the Tower.
  • Miles stops Alec from bombing Atlanta.
  • The Georgia Federation forms an alliance with the Rebels.
  • The Georgian and Rebels forces are attacked by the Monroe Militia.
  • Miles and the others went on a journey to the Tower to save Rachel.
  • Randall Flynn launches ICBM'S at Atlanta, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then commits suicide.


  • October:
    • 6 Months Later: The Patriots arrives at the former U.S. in the East Coast.
    • The Patriots are rebuilding the United States and are forming a cruel dictatorship.
    • The heroes team up to fight against the Patriots.


  • May:
    • General Bill Carver is assassinated.
    • The heroes exposes the Patriots' war crimes.
    • President Jack Davis is arrested for his crimes against humanity, and Texas turned against the Patriots. Texas then goes to war against the Patriots to wipe them out.
  • November:
    • The war between Texas and the Patriots lasted for six months.
    • The Patriots and the U.S. Government were exterminated and wiped out. Texas has won the war.


  • Grace appears to Rachel, Aaron and Priscilla, and tells them to go to Bradbury, Idaho to destroy the Nano.
  • Grace dies in the morning.
  • Miles, Monroe, and Charlie successfully hunted down and killed the remaining Patriots.
  • Miles, Monroe, and Charlie reunites with Rachel, Aaron and Priscilla, and goes on a journey to Bradbury.
  • The group arrives in Bradbury, Idaho.
  • The group fights off the possessed townspeople.
  • Jack Davis, Tom Neville, Edward Truman, Aaron and Priscilla are killed.
  • Rachel uploads the virus through her head, destroying the Nano. As a result, Rachel, Connor, and the townspeople are killed.
  • Monroe leaves to South America, while Charlie and Miles went to Sylvania Estates, Wisconsin.
  • Power and electricity was never restored, no one knows why. It was believed that electricity was erased and destroyed along with the Nano and the people in Bradbury, including Connor and Rachel. However, the world got better as there were no more killings. People begins to adapt this new world without electricity.


  • Miles met a beautiful woman in the village.


  • Miles has a son, a new family.


  • Charlie tells Miles' son, her half-brother, a story about her adventures.