The Patriot-Texas war


Texas Rangers
The Patriots


Texas victory


Texas- General Frank Blanchard, General Donegan, Miles Matheson

The Patriots- President Jack Davis †, Edward Truman †,


Texas- Unknown
The Patriots- Entire force killed

The Patriot-Texas War, also known as the Patriot Purge, was a conflict between Texas and the Patriots.


The war between Texas and the Patriots started when Miles Matheson and the others exposed the Patriots' crimes to Texas, including the assassination of General Bill Carver. President Jack Davis, Edward Truman, and the other Patriots are declared war criminals. President Davis was arrested and Truman is now a wanted fugitive on the run. The Texas Rangers launched an attack on the Patriots, and the war between Texas and the Patriots lasted for six months.
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The Texas Rangers begins to hunt down the Patriots in Camp Riker.

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The Patriot Purge

The Patriot Purge

The Patriot Purge was a major event that is part of the Patriot-Texas war in which all the members of the Patriots were killed by Texas, during the war. The Patriots were wiped out, and the war ended with Washington D.C. under control by the Texas Rangers and the White House being captured.

Miles and Monroe are killing the Patriots.


The war has ended.

The Aftermath

In Revolution (DC Comics series), Miles, Charlie Matheson, and Sebastian Monroe hunted down some remaining Patriots who survived the purge, forty miles north of Willoughby, Texas. The last known Patriots to die were Jack Davis and Edward Truman in Bradbury, Idaho. It is unknown if Texas ever restored democracy to the rest of the country, or if they ever attempted to restart the United States of America.

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