The list
The List
First appearance"Chained Heat"
RelatedGrace Beaumont

The List is a string of names which appear on Grace Beaumont's screen to be encrypted by her computer. It begins with three familiar names: Rachel Matheson, Grace Beaumont and Randall. It is currently unclear why this list was compiled and how the people on it are connected.


The list is first seen on Grace's computer screen while she was attempting to connect to the primitive Internet of the post-Blackout world. ("Chained Heat") It follows a series of Lisp programming language commands referring to the encryption of the string, and is followed by a series of quasi-Linux scripts and PPP connection protocols, connecting finally to, presumably, node "16657/78".


The list contains the following names, in this order:

  • Rachel Matheson
  • Grace Beaumont
  • Randall
  • Mirjam Bohnet-Brew
  • Erin Hunter
  • Roger Lively
  • Beth Robinson-Bromley
  • Michael Dooling
  • Doug Sloan
  • Luke Conner
  • Billy Frank
  • Doug Meerdink
  • Matthew Jacobs
  • George Maya
  • Amy Tipton
  • Paul Markovich
  • Sam Ogden
  • Rick Clark
  • Rudy Persico
  • Ian Prange
  • Scott Oberholzer
  • Sean Bozeman
  • Alex Ostapiej
  • Ross Burchfield
  • David Moxness
  • David Stockton
  • Matt Doll
  • Mike Repeta


  • Erin Hunter is the pseudonym that the multiple authors of the Children's book series, Warriors, use in place of their real names.
  • Paul Markovich is the name of a crew member in the art department of the show.
  • Sam Ogden is listed on IMDb as an art department production assistant of the show, Amy Tipton is listed as an art department coordinator, Rudy Persico is listed as second assistant director, David Stockton is listed as director of photography, and Ross Burchfield is listed in IMDb as key set production assistant of the show.