Texas Rangers
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Group information
BaseThe Republic of Texas
MembersJohn Franklin Fry
Malcolm Dove

The Texas Rangers are a military force and policing organization active in Texas.



The Texas Rangers were originally founded by Stephen F. Austin on October 7, 1835 to protect Texas from hostile Native Americans and guard the border. Since then, they have served as part of the Department of Public Safety and have full jurisdiction over Texas.


After the Blackout, the Texas Rangers appear to serve as the main military of Texas in the same way the Monroe Militia was in the Monroe Republic.

Fry states that 70% of the Rangers are stationed at the Texas-Mexican Border, for reasons never fully explained. The Texas Rangers are commanded personally by the President of Texas, General Bill Carver. He then refers to Texas as "a 800 pound gorilla in a Stetson".

In One Riot, One Ranger, after Austin received a letter from Edward Truman that the town of Willoughby had been saved from attack, General Carver sends his Secretary of the Interior, John Franklin Fry (who was also a Ranger), to investigate the Patriots. He and four-five other rangers arrived and Fry spoke with Truman, unconvinced of the Patriots intentions. Fry met with Miles Matheson who told him that the Patriots were bad news but Fry wanted proof of their intentions to bring back to General Carver. Fry met with Miles that night for the proof, but the man that Miles had captured killed himself. Sebastian Monroe shot Fry dead and came up with a plan to frame the Patriots for his death to start a war. However, Gene Porter told the Patriots, who along with General Carver and more Texas Rangers, captured and tried Sebastian Monroe.

The Texas Rangers don't appear again until Austin City Limits, when the Patriots send cadets to assassinate key members of the Texas Government and blame those murders on the California Commonwealth to instigate a war between Texas and California. After an attempted assassination of retired General Frank Blanchard, two rangers report seeing Monroe alive and with Miles at the scene of the crime, causing General Carver to believe they are in league with California. After saving General Carver from an assassination attempt, several rangers track down Miles and Monroe, but they are all killed by Miles. Later, President Carver and several rangers are having a Memorial Day celebration in Willoughby, unaware the Patriots were planning on using mustard gas to kill everyone, moments before Miles storms in with a gun. When General Carver is killed by Truman, Texas declares war on California, with the Patriots as their allies. But then when President Jack Davis's true nature was revealed, General Frank Blanchard (who survived his injuries and appears to have come out of retirement) had Davis arrested by the Rangers, and Texas declared war on the Patriots. The rangers begin to hunt them down and to exterminate them. Truman (who was now a fugitive) sees the Texas Rangers looking for the Patriots and runs away from the Rangers. According to Miles, the Texas Rangers outnumber the Patriots 4 to 1, thus would wipe out the Patriots by summers' s end. He also said their counter-attack would start with Willoughby.

In the Revolution (DC Comics series), the Rangers make an appearance in the first chapter, where it is shown that the war with the Patriots lasted 6 months, with the Rangers marching from Austin to Washington D.C. and raising the Texas flag over the White House. It was also shown that the Texas Rangers had successfully wiped out all the Patriots.


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