Steam train

The Republic's Steam Train.

Patriot's steam train

The Patriots' Steam Train.

A Steam Locomotive, also known as the Steam Train, is a vehicle which runs on a series of tracks and is powered by steam. By the time of the Blackout, two types of motive power were in common use: diesel and electric, both of which required electrical power to function. Steam locomotives still existed, but they were used only by museums and heritage railroads.


Diesel and electric trains did not work after the Blackout, and no one had bothered to clear the railroad tracks to get steam trains rolling. An abandoned and derilect El train was seen in Chicago, and several diesel locomotives were in the abandoned railyard, still connected to several hopper cars, where Miles fought and bested Jacob. 

Eventually, the Monroe Republic was able to restore a steam locomotive that had been in a museum in Noblesville, Indiana before the Blackout, christening it the 'Militia 1'. This train included at least a steam locomotive, a tender, a combination passenger and baggage car, two container or freight cars, and a caboose, and it initially moved slowly enough for horses to catch up to it. It was just barely operational, as the engineer complained to Captain Neville that it might not even make the trip to Philadelphia. While Nora and Hutch started work on a plot to blow up the train, she had second thoughts and Miles threw the bomb out of the cab before it exploded, allowing the first train to arrive in Philadelphia in the vicinity of Suburban Station, albeit above ground (suggesting that new tracks were built to compensate for the poor quality of those that travel through Philadelphia's railroad tunnels). Also, the tracks between Noblesville and Philadelphia would have needed to be moved closer together to accommodate the smaller size of the steam locomotive.

The Militia 1 was restored to operational status for the purpose of supplying the far reaches of the Republic. The main line, however, runs between Noblesville, Indiana and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Captain Neville used the train to quickly transport Danny Matheson to Philadelphia. The trip is said to take a matter of days, much faster than the weeks that it took by wagon.