Sophie Bemis was the wife of Jim Hudson after he left the Monroe Republic.

Sophie Hudson revolution.wikia
Sophie Bemis
First appearanceGhosts
Biographical information
ResidenceCulpepper, Virginia
AffiliationMonroe Republic
Family membersJim Hudson ex- husband



Not much is known about Sophie's past other that she presumably lived in Culpepper, Virginia. Since the Blackout she married in 2023 to Jim Hudson under his new name Henry Bemis after he left the Militia. She was unaware of his past as a Militia soldier when she married him.

Learning of Jim's past

After Danny's death Miles decided to recruit some of his old Militia comrades who helped in his failed assassination attempt on Monroe, and turn the rebels into capable fighters. The first person he thought of was Jim, Miles and Nora Clayton travel to Culpepper, Virginia and find Jim as the town librarian and married to Sophie. When Miles found out Sophie didn't know of his past Miles tries to convince Jim to tell her the truth and face the fact that he is a killer but, he doesn't want to loose her and go back to his old life.

A militia kill squad eventually arrives in town to bring Jim in, with the help of Miles and Nora the three are able to defeat the entire squad. The captain of the squad Joseph Deckert notices Sophie watching from the window and goes to kill her, but at the last second Jim kills Deckert saving her. Later that night Sophie confronted Jim about his past and he tells her everything. This leads to him joining Miles and the Rebellion and him betraying them and rejoining the Monroe Republic.

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