Portrayed byJoshua Cox
First appearance"The Children's Crusade"
Last appearance"The Children's Crusade"
Biographical information
ResidenceMartins Ferry
AffiliationMonroe Militia

Lieutenant Slotnick is an officer in the Monroe Militia


Lieutenant Slotnick is the de-facto commander of a militia "re-education" training camp that is operated on board an anchored freighter in the middle the Ohio River at Martins Ferry. Children go in, soldiers come out.

New Recruits

Slotnick is addressing a new class of "recruits" and calls a boy forward asking if he is homesick. After telling the boy that he was free to leave if he wanted to Slotnick viciously beats the conscripted recruit down. It is a stark demonstration to everyone that they must obey Slotnick and the militia and not complain or they will suffer the same.

He sees Charlie pick a fight with Boggs, another recruit, and knows she will be trouble. He's lying in wait when Charlie tries to her escape. Slotnick wants to show her what the militia is all about, so he brands her on the right wrist.

Worried about Charlie being late for her escape, Miles, Nora and Michael storm the freighter but alarms are sounded. Quickly Slotnick grabs Michael and holds a knife to his neck. The rest are surrounded and are laying down their weapons when the lighthouse blazes into operation. Everyone is stunned. Taking advantage of the distraction, Miles head-butts Slotnick and in the ensuing melee, Charlie runs Slotnick through with a sword.


"You see, militia soldiers aren't just born...we make 'em."