Skip 1x07
First appearanceThe Children's Crusade
Biographical information
ResidenceAdena, Ohio
ProfessionResistance Fighter

Skip is a member of the group of children living in a dilapidated hospital building in Adena, Ohio.



After Charlie agrees to rescue Peter, Michael, Skip, and two other children, Jack and Lily, follow Charlie's group even tho they were told to stay behind. Along the way, Miles discovers they are being followed and from there they all travel together following the tracks of the wagon that Peter was in. The group takes refuge in an lighthouse just to the south of the Martins Ferry crossing. At their campsite, Skip pickpockets The Pendant from Aaron Pittman. Aaron runs the boy down, knocks him down and takes it back, acting like a real bully. Charlie departs to be captured deliberately, and later Miles and Nora leave to rescue her. Micheal also disappears leaving Aaron alone with Skip and the 2 younger children. Militia men search the lighthouse and while the children are hidden, Aaron single-handedly takes out both of the militia. Skip sees Aaron in a new light, as an adult that can be trusted to look out for them. This is transformational point for Aaron who can now see how far he's come from his own failures in childhood and adulthood, highlighted by his similarities to Skip.