Portrayed byAshley Wood
First appearancePatriot Games
Last appearanceOne Riot, One Ranger
Biographical information
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
Willoughby, Texas
ProfessionSecond in Command
AffiliationThe Patriots

Scott was Edward Truman's second in command and member of The Patriots.


Arrival in Willoughby

Scott arrived in Willoughby, Texas with Truman and the other Patriots after the Andover Clan attacked the town. He worked as Truman's second in command and helped stage attacks on the town. After Rachel Matheson broke into Truman's office he checked to make sure she didn't take anything and asked Truman if she would be a problem. Later when Bryce Gordon escaped the town lockdown, Scott killed him with a machete. Scott brought the corpse to Dr. Porter, framing The Andover Clan for the murder.


He later assisted Garrett at the Willoughby train yard and patrolling the outskirts of town. The two worked together, killing Andover tribesmen, making it appear that the Andover Clan was hunted down and destroyed. One night when Miles Matheson broke into the train yard Scott ordered Garett's men to find him, only for the men to be killed by Aaron Pittman and the Nanites. He later helped Truman find the the man who broke in. A couple of days later when The Texas Rangers arrived in Willoughby, Scott was among The Patriots who threatened to kill the Rangers. He and Truman later meet with Secretary of the Interior John Franklin Fry and his second in command Malcolm Dove. After a disagreement, Truman told Scott to shut down the train yard and stop the patrols until the Rangers left. When Scott and Garret ambushed Miles, Charlie, and Sebastian Monroe, he was killed by Miles.

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