Portrayed byBilly Lush
First appearanceWhy We Fight
Last appearanceDeclaration of Independence
Biographical information
ResidenceNew Vegas, Plains Nation (Formerly)
Willoughby, Texas
AffiliationPage Clan
Family membersDuncan Page

Scanlon is a member of the Page Clan



Scanlon arrived in Willoughby, Texas sometime after Monroe left New Vegas. He met up with Vincent while his men burned patriot bodies. He informed the group that The Patriots killed Duncan soon after Monroe left New Vegas. He said it was part of their plan to take out the War Clans in the Plains Nation. He said they wanted revenge and put Monroe in charge of the remainder the clan. He soon led his men with Monroe on an attack on The Patriots re-education center. After the attack they found a journal in Victor Doyle's office. Since it was written in Arabic Monroe asked Scanlon if he could translate it. He couldn't, but brought it to someone who could. After it was translated he informed Miles and Monroe of The Patriots' plans for Texas.

Fighting The Patriots

Scanlon became leutenant of what was left of the Page clan under Monroe's leadership. He and his men witnessed the confrontation between Miles and Jason. His men initially held Aaron and Priscilla at gunpoint until Rachel calmed them down. Days later he and his men were at the chemical plant when the Patriots attacked the group with mustard gas. He tried to lead his men to safety, but was unsucessful. Most of his men died in the gas attack. Many became trapped, or were shot by the Patriots as they ran for higher ground. He ran with the others, and hid in an overturned truck. He listened to the screams of his men, and wanted to go help them but Miles refused. He was one of the only survivors of the Patriot's mustard gas attack, which left him devastated.

Mustard Gas Heist

Scanlon followed the others to a new hideout, and began working on plans to steal the mustard gas. Scanlon wanted revenge for the death of his comrades, and joined the group on their mission. He and Conner were to wait for Miles and Monroe at the rendezvous point. While waiting the two got into a fight, where Scanlon blamed Monroe for the death of his brothers. Connor told him he was to blame, because he ran and hid while his brothers died. Connor told Scanlon that he didn't know what Connor did back home, and threatened to kill him. They soon settled down, and helped steal a canister of mustard gas. He later watched as Rachel neutralized the gas. Later he and the others meet with Joe Matthews in the woods for information on what the Patriots were up to. When Marion came with new information about the Patriot´s plans to kill General Bill Carver Scanlon joined the groups plans to steal the gas. Scanlon thinks they need Monroe, but Miles says he chose to leave. Scanlon takes a wagon of lye to the rendezvous point. He meet up with Monroe, Connor, and Tom, where he joined them in hijacking the train and planned on taking it to D.C. When the others arrived, Scanlon held the group hostage while Monroe tried to negotiate with them. A gunfight soon broke out, and both groups realized that the tanker car was empty. Scanlon decided to stay behind with Connor and Tom, as the others returned to town realizing the Patriots planed to use it during the Memorial Day service, and blame it on California.


Scanlon followed Tom and Connor to a hideout where they waited for President Davis to return so they could kill him. After a while the Patriots arrived, and they killed them all. When they searched the President's car they found it empty. They spotted Monroe, and followed him to his hideout. He watched as Connor tried to negotiate a deal, allowing them to kill the President and getting back the Republic. When Monroe refused, Connor gave the signal to open fire. Tom and Scanlon opened fire on Monroe, who returned fire on the two. In the chaos a bullet hit Scanlon in the head, killing him.