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Richard Lucas
First appearance"The Love Boat"
Biographical information
AffiliationGeorgia Federation

Captain Richard Lucas was an officer in the Georgian Navy.


During the mission to apprehend Monroe's anthrax supplier, Miles Matheson and the others used Captain Lucas' steamboat, disguised as a fishing boat, to infiltrate the area. Later it was used to escape with their prisoner. When Charlie, Nora, and Jason took over the boat, Charlie held him at gunpoint and then had him tied up below deck. When Tom Neville escaped, he freed the rest of the crew.

After knocking out Jason, he threatened to kill Charlie, but Miles stopped him, Neville ordered Captain Lucas to open fire on the group--Lucas questioned this at first, but then prepared to kill them when he was hit by a machine gun emplacement set up by the Monroe Militia along the riverbank. ("The Love Boat")