Revolution is a 4 part digital comic book released by DC Comics. It is available to be viewed on

The series will focus on tying up loose ends left from Declaration of Independence and Season 2 in general.[1] Charlie Matheson, Miles Matheson, and Sebastian Monroe were some of the first characters confirmed to appear in the series.[2] Part of the script for Chapter 1 was released early.[3] The storyline is narrated by Charlie.


A new issue will be released every 2 weeks, starting on May 4, 2015. The release schedule is as follows:

Chapter 1 on May 4, 2015

Chapter 2 on May 18, 2015

Chapter 3 on June 1, 2015

Chapter 4 on June 15, 2015


Chapter 1, "Electric Avenue"

Chapter 1 serves to set the stage for the events that took place after the series finale. The Patriot-Texas war was over in a matter of months, ending in a Patriot defeat. Meanwhile, Rachel Matheson hatches a plan to defeat the Nanites , and manages to recruit Charlie, Miles and even Monroe. Her plan should work, providing they can get to Bradbury, Idaho.

Chapter 2, "The Searchers"

Chapter 2 deals with the group's journey across the Wasteland and their arrival at Bradbury. While Rachel's plan works at first, complications arise when Tom Neville reveals that those who do not follow the rules set down by the Nanites must die.

Chapter 3, "Death in the Family"

Chapter 3 sees the heroes trapped in Bradbury, as Connor reveals himself to be under the control of the Nanites. Aaron and Priscilla are discovered, and the laptop containing the virus is destroyed. In the ensuing fight, Aaron and Priscilla, as well as many of the townspeople, are killed, leaving Rachel with only one option: surrender.

Chapter 4, "Into the Light"

Chapter 4 begins with Rachel in the midst of a Nanite-induced hallucination, where the Nano use Ben to tell her that, rather than nearly destroy humanity, she saved it by creating them. They see the downfall of the pre-Blackout world as inevitable, and they are doing humanity a favor by being in control. Rachel admits that her joining was a trick, as she recites the virus code. This disables the Nanites, but also kills everyone in Bradbury, including Connor and Rachel. Charlie, Bass, and Miles later bury their friends and go their separate ways. Miles and Charlie return to Sylvania Estates, while Monroe disappears somewhere in South America.

The story then fast-forwards to years later. Miles, who is still depressed, struggles with guilt over Rachel's death, but eventually settles down with a woman and has a son with her. The series ends with an older Charlie telling the whole story to her younger half-brother on the Ferris Wheel next to Miles' grave.