Revolution: Enemies of the State is a webisode series of Revolution TV series.
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Episode 1


At Independence Hall, Lieutenant Tom Neville hurries into the antechamber outside Monroe's office, stopping a guard from opening a door and allowing him time to fix his uniform before entering. Sebastian Monroe is sitting at his desk with a drink in his hand and gun beside him. He remarks that it has been quite a night, and that Miles "paid him a visit". He walked through all of the checkpoints, locked doors, and guards and put a gun to his head. Monroe admits he knew that people would be coming after him, but was surprised it was Miles.

Neville asks how Monroe stopped him and Monroe says that he didn't; that Miles stopped himself because he is a bit sentimental. Monroe says that a part of him hoped Miles would have pulled the trigger and asks Neville what he should do--should he hunt him down? Neville tells the General that if Miles has turned, then steps need to be taken to change security and protocol to prevent it from happening again. Monroe remarks that everything will need to be changed, as Miles was the one who created it.

Neville declares that Miles should be hunted down but Monroe hints that would be a bad idea. Neville remarks that Miles is just a man, and Monroe rebuts that he is a man who had help, that Miles has always been a General, thinking two steps ahead. Monroe theorizes that Miles would need enough men on his side to prevent a civil war if he did kill Monroe, in order to keep himself from being killed. Neville tells Monroe that he can trust him, and Monroe tasks him with finding out who helped Miles. Monroe heads to the door and Neville quickly follows behind. Monroe opens the door and tells Neville to start with the guards outside.

Episode 2


At a cathouse in Philadelphia, Lt. Neville speaks with the madame mentioning his dislike for some of his work. Neville mentions spending years working to get to Monroe's inner circle and is just waiting for an opening to get in, taking whatever chance he can. He gives her a quick kiss and then states "After all, that's what Miles would have wanted". The madame stops when she hears Miles' name but quickly goes back to untying Neville's boots.

Neville asks her if she knows Miles, to which she quickly states she does not. Neville says that it must be hard to remember all the names with all the Militia that come to the brothel, but that she was known as the eyes and ears of the place and Miles is known to drop by from time to time. She attempts to leave, but Neville grabs her, telling her not to lie to him; he saw something in her eyes when he mentioned Miles name.

She tells him that Miles would come in, but not to see any of the girls. He would go into the back room, where he held meetings. Neville tells her that he wants names as he hands her a book and grabs her by the hair. She begins to write them down as Neville smells her hair. As she writes, Neville looks up and begins to smile.

Episode 3


Private Jacob Renn sits at a table, picking up a full glass and taking a drink. Suddenly the door behind him is kicked in as Neville and several Militia enter. Renn runs to grab a knife as Neville grabs him. He slashes at Neville but misses, and Neville pins him to a wall. Neville tells him that he is under arrest for conspiracy to assassinate General Monroe. Renn questions why would he do that, and Neville asks why he, unlike the others on his list, remained behind. Renn tells Neville that his son is sick with an infection and he could not leave him. Neville replies that he too has a son, and that he would do anything to prevent him from becoming an orphan.

Neville questions Renn as to why he helped Miles, and Renn tells him that Monroe is insane, that he kills for no reason, tortures people, and is obsessed with power, how he thinks he can turn it back on. He goes on to tell Neville that Monroe has been stockpiling weapons, missiles, and Humvees and storing them in rooms under Independence Hall. Renn begs Neville asking him "one father to another" and that all he did was open the city gate to let them in, however Neville simply replies that he does not believe him.

Episode 4


At Independence Hall, Lt. Neville knocks on General Monroe's office door. Monroe answers and Neville enters the room. Neville approaches Monroe's desk and tells him that he was completed his investigation. He hands over a note with the names of those who helped Miles Matheson in his assassination attempt. Monroe asks how many of them are in custody to which he replies only one - Jacob Renn, that most have fled the city. Neville says that with Monroe's permission he will hunt them and Miles down. Monroe asks if Renn told him why he helped Miles and Neville replies that he did not, that he just sounds crazy.

When pressed, Neville mentions that Renn said that Monroe believed he could get the power back on. Neville pauses as Monroe looks at him, before he mentions that is is obviously crazy and that Renn will be hanged for treason. Monroe asks Neville if he thinks he is trying to turn the power back on. Tom is somewhat confused and the two look at one another before Monroe tells him to relax. Monroe tells him to consider the matter closed and that someone else will take care of it from here. Neville goes to protest but Monroe dismisses him.

Some time after their conversation, Neville makes his way down into the rooms below Independence Hall. Neville finds a door marked "Restricted Area", filled with crates of ammunition and weapons. He checks one of the doors, noting it sealed with a padlock, before checking through the viewing slot to see nothing inside. He moves on to the next door, which is also padlocked, and opens the viewing slot, noticing a woman inside. Suddenly he is grabbed from behind by a guard, a knife is held to his throat and he is told not to move.

Episode 5


Lt. Neville is thrown onto the ground of General Monroe's office and Monroe asks Neville what part of "consider the matter closed" did he not understand. Monroe tells him that he was found in a restricted area and that he knows the penalty for that; Monroe suggests that he choose his next few words very carefully. He asks Neville what he saw and Neville replies that he saw a woman and then asks if it is true - is Monroe trying to get the power back on?

Monroe confirms his suspicions, asking him to imagine what their enemies would do if they got the power on first, what they could do with one tank, one helicopter, one F-15; all resistance would be gone, all of it in a month. "So if that makes me crazy?" Monroe starts but Neville stops him and tells him that he is General Sebastian Monroe--he said he would crush all other militias and he did, that he would restore law and order and he did, and that if he tells Neville that he is going to turn the power back on, he will.

Monroe takes Neville's handgun, cocks it, and points it at Neville; he pulls the trigger and the gun merely clicks. Monroe places the gun on his desk and asks if Neville wants a drink, to which Neville nervously replies. Monroe tells Neville that the woman downstairs is Rachel Matheson, Miles' sister-in-law. Neville asks if she is the reason why Miles attacked, but Monroe says that Miles does not know she is there and if he did then Monroe would most likely be dead.

Monroe tells Neville that Rachel has been very uncooperative and that her husband knows why the power went out. He promotes Neville to Captain and puts a unit under his command. Neville thanks Monroe, places his drink on the table, and holsters the gun. Monroe tells Neville that he is to find Ben Matheson, no matter how long it takes, how many cities he has to burn, or how many men he has to kill.