Peter 1x07
Portrayed byGriffin Freeman
First appearance"The Children's Crusade"
Biographical information
ResidenceAdena, Ohio
Family members*Michael - Brother

Peter is the leader of a group of children living in an abandoned building in Adena, Ohio.

He is captured by the militia and taken to Martins Ferry as a newly conscripted militia soldier. Charlie is determined to free him. When Charlie opens the door to his bunkroom Peter is holding his freshly branded wrist. Ultimately, they succeed and Peter is reunited with his brother and the other children before he is branded as Militia, unlike Charlie.



Peter is the oldest of a group of children (which included his brother, Michael) that were hidden by their rebel parents who died during an apparent Militia assault. The children identify the militia as the "burnt ones" referring to the branded M on the wrist. The children didn't know or understand what happened to their parents but Peter took charge and moved them to their present location in Adena, Ohio. Michael believed it had something to do with the red white and blue cloth that is in tatters, but still on display. "Maybe they just didn't like the colors". He is apparently unaware that said cloth is actually the remnants of a flag of the United States.

Peter was taken by Militia to a place where kids are taken to be "re-educated", or trained to be soldiers and forced to forget everything they once knew. Charlie snuck onto the location, an abandoned ship, and freed Peter, then the two escaped with the help of Nora and Miles, but they were stopped when Michael, who had snuck on as well, was captured. They were saved when the Lighthouse started to shine and the Militia was shocked, and they all fled. Later in the episode Peter is shown reunited with his group.