The Patriot Reprograming Center, also known as the Patriot Re-education Center or the Patriot Re-education Facility, are the re-education camps set up by Victor Doyle. The Re-education Programs were part of the Patriots' plan to establish control over the remains of the United States and eliminate their potential enemies. Doyle was responsible for starting the re-education programs.

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A Re-education Center in Willoughby, Texas.


After the U.S. Government exiles to Cuba, due to The Blackout, Victor Doyle, a D.O.D. Consultant, begins to start a re-education program and picks Justine Allenford's son, Max, as a test subject.

Years later, after the Patriots took over the East Coast and turned it into the United States, Doyle begins to bring some of the refugees from the Savannah Refugee Camp, to brainwash them into soldiers, starting with Jason Neville. Justine Allenford discovers this, and spoke out against the Patriots. The Patriots however, tries to execute her for treason.

In Washington D.C.,Jason Neville discovers that Doyle has created more re-education facilities everywhere, in the United States, starting with Willoughby, Texas.

Later, when Doyle arrives in Willoughby, Texas, he started renovating a quarantine camp into a re-education center, disguising it as a military training camp. Doyle uses some of the children from Crockett, Huntsville, and Willoughby, to brainwash them to become members of the Patriots. After re-educating them, Doyle sent four cadets to assassinate one of the Texas Officials.

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