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Page Clan
First appearanceHappy Endings
Group information
BaseNew Vegas, Plains Nation (Formery)
Willoughby, Texas
MembersDuncan Page - leader (deceased)

The Page Clan was a war clan from the Plains Nation, led by Duncan Page.



At some point, Duncan Page formed a small war clan with about 50 members, possibly more. She also would offer their services as mercenaries, once quoting a price of 30 diamonds per soldier. They were based near New Vegas.

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The Page Clan

When the Patriots began their offensive against the war clans of the Plains Nation, her group was hit hard. Duncan herself was killed, along with about half of her soldiers. Before she died, she told Scanlon to go to Willoughby, Texas to find Sebastian Monroe.

Nearly all the remaining tribesmen were killed when The Patriots attacked their base near Willoughby with mustard gas.


The members of the Page Clan are far better equipped than those of the Andover Clan. While many use swords, crossbows, and other melee weapons, some used M16 rifles, shotguns, and pistols of various types.

Despite being much smaller than the Andover Clan, there was a higher percentage of women in the group. Also, many members possessed unique skills, such as the ability to read and translate Arabic. This was a very rare skill in the post-Blackout world.



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