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Nora Clayton
Portrayed byDaniella Alonso
Lacey Ellison-2012
First appearance"Chained Heat"
Last appearanceThe Dark Tower
Biographical information


Sometime after the Blackout she became a bounty hunter. For a time, she worked for the Monroe Militia. She met Miles Matheson and started a relationship with him. It ended, however.

Miles later went looking for her in Pontiac, Illinois. He remarks that she is really good at blowing things up. A bounty hunter reveals that she may be dead as she was sent to a labor camp.

She is later spotted when Miles and Charlie are spying on the Militia labor group, where they witness laborers being forced to pull a helicopter, and she is seen amongst the labor force. A man in front of her slows down, and is shot when he doesn't stand up when ordered to.

Later that night at the camp, Miles sneaks in to rescue her while Charlie distracts the guard. He is successful, though another man asks Miles to take him instead of her, as Nora asks Miles not to take her. She then reveals she is after the sniper rifle, and got arrested on purpose, as the Militia controls all firearms, so a rifle would be priceless on the Black Market.

She remarked that her crude homemade wrist gun would not be as effective or reliable as a Colt .45, but that it would have to do. She lashes out at Miles about how she would not be able to do it, though she also wants to free the 30 slaves being held in the camp.

Nora, Charlie, and Miles then plan out their assault. Charlie poses as a lost hunter to get close to the Militia, and kills the warden. Nora and Miles come out and kill the Militia guards, but Nora is injured in the attack.

Nora joined the Rebellion because of the loss she suffered after a confrontation with Militia soldiers. She and her boyfriend Frank had gone on a walk when a group of drunken Militia soldiers started harassing them. When Frank stepped up to defend her honor, they started beating him badly. She stepped in and knocked them out cold, taking some hard hits in the process. She was, at the time, five months pregnant. The following morning she lost her baby boy. She tells Charlie that she joined the Revolution, win or lose, so that it meant something, and that if she ever has another baby it will be born in the United States.


Nora accompanied Miles, Charlie, Aaron, and several other Rebels from West Chester, Pennsylvania into Philadelphia through the SEPTA tunnels. Her knowledge of explosives came in handy when Charlie stepped on a mine. Nora quickly marked where the other mines were and went to work defusing the one under Charlie's foot. Her jury-rigged held just long enough for them to run farther into the tunnel, but then the mine exploded, collapsing their only means of escape. When the air started to run out, Nora hallucinated that she was bitten by an alligator while crossing one of the flooded sections of the tunnel. When they reached the exit, she was one of the few survivors of Sargent Wheatley's betrayal.

When they arrived at the surface, the group decided to meet up with one of Miles' old acquaintances. Nora was used as bait to get Kipling to open the door. Later, she along with Charlie and Aaron were captured by Militia troops led by Major Neville. When they were later freed by Miles, she accompanied him to the Willow Grove power plant to save Charlie and Danny. Before she left, she gave Aaron Pittman a sack of pipe bombs in order to cause a distraction.



After losing Miles in the flooded tunnels under the Tower, she tracks down Rachel and the others, and starts discussing a plan to

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