"Like it says on the dollar right under the Pyramid, Novus ordo seclorum. The New Order for the Ages"
The New Order for the Ages was a tyrannical plan to start Totalitarian Dictatorship by The Patriots, who were led by President Jack Davis.
Patriots symbol

A New Order for the Ages

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Another symbol.


After the Blackout started, Jack Davis, a former US Secretary of Defense and the remaining U.S. Government were exiled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where Davis announces his plans to use the "New Order for the Ages" to start a Neo-Fascist,Totalitarian Dictatorship. The U.S. Government decides to appoint Jack Davis as their new President because the original U.S. President was killed when Air Force One crashed and it was also implied that democracy‎ and the U.S. Constitution has collapsed, due to the Blackout, forcing the U.S. Government to become a brutal, tyrannical regime. This lead to the formation of the Patriots. Davis then launched a military coup to assassinate and overthrow the U.S. Vice President, who is the only highest-ranking official to be left alive. The Patriots has swept into a wave of nationalism against the six "republics" of the former United States. After the nuclear attacks on the capitals of the Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation, the Patriots, led by Jack Davis, builds a "New America" on the East Coast. The Patriots then becomes oppressive by brainwashing innocent people to become members of the Patriots and killing undesirable people by using typhus. After the Patriots expand towards the Plains Nation, they began wiping out war clans and tribes. Duncan Page was one of the victims. The Patriots then use brainwashed cadets to assassinate Texas officials to start a war between Texas and the California Commonwealth, so that Jack Davis and the Patriots can take over the continental United States. However, their plan backfires when Miles Matheson and the others exposes the Patriots' crimes to Texas. Jack Davis was arrested and Texas launches an extermination against the Patriots. The Patriot-Texas war lasted for six months, with all the Patriots killed and wiped out. In the aftermath of war, Washington D.C. was taken over by the Texas Rangers, with the White House being captured, thus leading to the collapse of the "New Order for the Ages".

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