"Well, this is an occupation. Every good occupation deserves a resistance."

In Season 2, Miles' resistance group is a group of rebels, that was formed by Miles Matheson, to overthrow and fight against the Patriots, led by President Jack Davis. Their mission is to foil the Patriots' corrupt plans, liberate the town of Willoughby, Texas, and expose the Patriots' war crimes to Texas.


"Well, we got a spy in Truman’s house now. And if she convinces other people in town, we got an underground."

Miles' resistance group was formed when Miles and Rachel Matheson discovered that the Patriots were behind the nuclear attacks on Atlanta and Philadelphia, and has darker plans for the rest of the former United States. After the Patriots has committed atrocities against innocent civilians, Miles and the others formed a resistance group against the Patriots. Some people have joined Miles' group in order to go against the Patriots. Monroe brought the Page Clan members to help fight against the Patriots. During their fight against the Patriots, some of the people were killed as a result. To take down the Patriots, Miles and the others exposes the Patriots' crimes to Texas. President Jack Davis, the leader of the Patriots, was arrested for mass murder and Edward Truman was now a wanted fugitive on the run. Miles' group has succeeded and, as a result, Texas exterminates all of the Patriots. Later, in Bradbury, Idaho, Jack Davis and Edward Truman were killed by the group.


"This is my resistance?"