Mason Grey
Mason Grey
Portrayed byAdam Beach
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Last appearanceThere Will Be Blood
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas

Mason Grey was the town sheriff of Willoughby, Texas.


Pre Blackout

When he was younger Mason's father told him stories about the show Walker, Texas Ranger which inspired him to become a sheriff.


After the Blackout he settled in Willoughby, Texas and helped protect the town. He was close with Dr. Gene. He was very dedicated to protect the town and was untrusting of outsiders.

He met with Gene and Miles after Miles returned to town with a dead Tribesmen. Mason was sure that the attackers were bandits who often attacked the town. He informed them he sent a rider out to Austin, Texas to request aid from the Texas Rangers. He told Miles they had a handful of guns in town and became defensive when Miles started telling him how to do his job, but Gene assured him he could trust Miles. Later he went to help Miles fight off Titus Andover's raiding party led by Garrett who were trying to capture Cynthia and other townspeople.


His efforts helped people escape, but he was captured. The two were brought to the Clan's headquarters were they meet the Clan's leader Titus Andover. They were imprisoned with Sara Wilkerson, who informed them her son Andy was killed by the clan. Mason told Miles the story of why he became a sheriff. Eventually he and Miles were tested for O-negative blood type. Mason was found not to have O-negative blood and was subsequently executed.


Mason says he was inspired to become a sheriff by stories of Walker, Texas Ranger. Adam Beach previously guest starred in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.

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