Mark Franklin
Mark Franklin
Portrayed byRamon Fernandez
First appearanceClue
Last appearanceThe Dark Tower
Biographical information
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
ProfessionMonroe militia Major
AffiliationMonroe Republic

Major Mark Franklin was one of Monroe 's must trusted men.



When Monroe finds out about the Tower from Randall Flynn and John Sanborn, Franklin accompanies Monroe to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Once they arrive in the Plains Nation Franklin and his men help Monroe set up camp around The Tower. He then informs Monroe that the Collins Tribe owns lands to the north and the Kaminski Tribe owns lands to the south.

When Miles arrives in Colorado Jason and Tom take The Pendants from the camp, shutting down the generators. As the group rushes to get into the Tower, Franklin orders Captain Riley to attack. Miles and the group exchange fire with the Militia, while Aaron gains access to The Tower. As the Militia gains on the group, Miles makes the decision to shut the doors before Tom and Jason can get in, despite Charlie's protest. Monroe's men then capture the Nevilles.

When the Neville's are brought to Franklin, he questions how Neville got to Colorado, He tells Franklin that Miles brought him. One of Franklin's men, Jimmy, comes to Franklin and tells him the men are asking for him in the infirmary. After Franklin leaves, Tom tries to convince Captain Riley that someone needs to lead a revolt and overthrow Monroe, because he is unstable. Tom plays mind games with Riley, telling him that he fears Monroe and isn't one hundred percent committed to them. Jason says his father is a good man and always cared about the men. Riley leaves the two, but when he returns he tells Tom Neville guys like him could be killed just for thinking about a revolt. Riley frees the two and tells them he is convinced, but needs to get rid of loyalists like Franklin. He gives Tom a gun and tells him to prove his worth, so after they leave Tom takes control of Monroe's encampment and arrests Major Franklin. After a while, Tom returns and tells Franklin he is free to leave, but then shoots him in cold blood. When Jason and a guard arrive, Tom claims thatFranklin took a shot at him.