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Marion Reilly
Portrayed byReiko Aylesworth
First appearanceWhy We Fight
Last appearanceDeclaration of Independence
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas

Marion Reilly is a bartender in Willoughby .



After The Blackout, Marion's father, Robert Reilly died in 2019, due to the cholera outbreak in Willoughby, Texas, along with Gene's wife, Charlotte Porter and many others.

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Marion's father, Robert Reilly, died in 2019, the year when the cholera outbreak started.

Marion and Gene started a relationship after their loved ones have died. In 2028, when the Patriots controled the town, Edward Truman showed everyone that Gene Porter was a dangerous man by framing Gene, putting explosives and a journal in his house. After that, Truman and Marion started a relationship together.

Later, when Gene and Miles sneak into Willoughby to find Marion, she was not happy to see Miles, who she knew as the General of the Monroe Militia. Gene tries to tell her that the Patriots were the real threat, but Marion reveals to him that Truman told everyone that Gene had explosives and a journal in his house, and Marion does not believe him. However, Gene told her about Kim Carson, a Patriot cadet that killed her father, Grant, and committed suicide. Suddenly, Truman comes into the house, looking for her. Marion went upstairs and they had dinner together, without telling him that Miles and Gene are hiding under the basement. While eating dinner, when Marion asks Truman a question about Kim and Grant, Truman says he could do that. Marion then believes that the Patriots were lying.

Later, after Monroe,Charlie and the Page Clan hit the Patriot camp, Marion was shocked and told Truman that Miles and Gene were hiding in the basement, but they managed to escape.

Later, Truman came back for another visit. After Truman left, Marion discovers his secrets. When Marion visited her father's grave, Gene came to her and told her to follow him. Marion refused, but Charlie told her she did not have a choice. After Rachel Matheson neutralizes the mustard gas, Miles showed it to Marion, telling her that the Patriots are brutal and dangerous. Miles also told her to spy on Truman, in order to know what the Patriots are up to. Back in Willoughby, Marion went to Truman's office to find information and found the Patriots' horrible plans for Texas. Marion came to Miles and the others, telling them about General Bill Carver and the yellow cross insignia-- meaning mustard gas. Miles and the others then realize that the Patriots are going to start a war between Texas and California. Later, Marion brought Joe Matthews and his daughter, Heather to Miles, in an attempt to stop the Patriots' plan. Marion then realizes how dangerous the Patriots are and is to scared to go back to Willoughby, but Gene says that she can do this, as long as she keeps it a secret.

At night, she and Truman are at the Memorial Day celebration in the courthouse in Willoughby. While Truman makes his speech, Marion came upstairs and was shocked to see canisters of mustard gas. Truman caught her and stabbed her. When Miles and the others raided the Memorial Day celebration, Gene was saddened to see Marion dead.

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