Malcolm Dove
Malcolm Dove
Portrayed byBarry Tubb
First appearanceOne Riot, One Ranger
Biographical information
ResidenceAustin, Texas
Willoughby, Texas (Temperary)
ProfessionTexas Ranger
Texas Rangers

Malcolm Dove is a member of the Texas Rangers and John Franklin Fry's second in command.



Dove arrived in Willoughby, Texas with Secretary of the Interior and head Ranger John Franklin Fry. As Fry's second in command he meet with Edward Truman and tried to negotiate with little effort. After Fry went missing he and the other Texas Rangers went looking for him, but only found Fry's dead body with evidence that pointed to The Patriots. The following day he and the other rangers joined forces with The Patriots and arrested Monroe as a war criminal. He meet with General Carver how congratulated him on capturing Monroe. After Monroe was sentenced to death and thought to be dead Dove and the other Rangers buried his body.

Attack on Austin

Dove returned to the capital Austin, Texas where he remains. When The Patriots sent recruits to assassinate the Texas government Dove reported to Carver the attempt on General Blanchard's life and how he was still in surgery and Miles and Monroe were in town.. He suggests that Carver should postpone his speech later that day. Carver ordered Dove to find Monroe and this time kill him for real. He attended Carver's speech and went to find Monroe when he spots him in the crowd. After Miles killed Carver's would be assassin he and the other Rangers chased the two through the square.

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