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The lightning hits in Lubbock, Texas.

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Aaron looks outside Lubbock, through a window.

Lubbock is a city in Texas where Peter Garner lives.


According to the Nanites, Lubbock, Texas is home of the world's largest concrete cowboy. Before the Blackout, the population was 229,573.



The Nanite AI told Aaron Pittman that he and Priscilla Pittman must go to Lubbock, Texas. After arriving in Lubbock, Texas, Aaron and Priscilla reunite with their old friend, Peter Garner, who is giving a sermon about God and the Lord's work. After bringing in a blind woman who survived the nuclear attack on Atlanta, Peter begins to pray, and then the Nanites begins to heal the injured woman, restoring her sight.

After he and Priscilla confront Peter with the truth about the Nanites being behind the healing, Peter locks them in a room, due to believing that people will lose faith. The next day, Aaron and Priscilla encounter the Nanites, who tell them that they are dying. Peter later returns, having come to see the Nanites as a new God; he wants them to help fix it. However, Priscilla refuses and Aaron decides to destroy it, but eventually fails. With the flaw in their coding repaired, Peter thanks Aaron for fixing the nano and allows him and Priscilla to leave.


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