250px-Lone Pine Mall

Lone Pine Mall is a location in the town of St. Anne, Illinois.



After the Blackout, the mall was abandoned. At some point, the Rebels established a small cell in the town, and they used a restaurant there as a base.

After a particularly disastrous raid on a supply dump in Chatsworth, the surviving Rebels retreated back to the restaurant. However, one of them had been captured, and eventually gave up the location. Captain Jeremy Baker sent his Militia company to take the place and kill the Rebels there. While some Rebels were killed in the opening salvo and Baker's troops managed to storm the building, the Militia troops quickly lost the element of surprise and were pushed back outside. There they came under accurate sniper fire from Trevor. It was at this point that Baker engaged in a swordfight with Miles Matheson and was captured.

Soon afterward, Jeremy is taken prisoner and tied to a chair. He reveals to Charlie, Nora, and Nicholas that Miles Matheson was the commanding general and one of the founding fathers of the Militia. During all of this, Trevor took the sniper rifle onto the roof to buy them some time. Eventually, the base was overrun by Militia forces and abandonded by the Rebels. Most of them were able to escape, however.


  • Andre (formerly)
  • Nicholas (formerly)
  • Sam (deceased)
  • Trevor (formerly)


This location is a reference to the mall of the same name from the Back to the Future movies.

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