Kim Carson was the daughter of Grant Carson and a Patriot cadet.

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When Kim was born, Dr. Gene Porter delivered her. In 2028, when the Patriots asked for young people to join them, she was trained at the camp outside of Willoughby and was subject the Patriots re-education program. She and Dillon Matthews were out on a field exercise when they spotted Miles Matheson and Sebastian Monroe. The two spied on them but were caught and taken to their camp and questioned by Gene and Rachel Matheson. It was decided to take her back to her father, however her father did not believe Gene and Rachel's story until he asked Kim about it. She told him that the Patriots blindfolded them at night and took them out to a house and that they never remembered a thing afterwards. Her father examined a bruise on her face and found that she had the numbers 5-0-2-0-7 tattooed under her eyelid. When he read the number, a hypnotic suggestion took over her, she grabbed her father's weapon and shot him in the back, then attempted to shoot Gene and Rachel, but the gun was empty. She then picked up a nearby knife and slit her own throat.

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