The Monroe Republic Watch list.

Kerry Allan Weldon is a journalist and a member of the Rebellion. His publishing of a Rebel newspaper, The Open Eye, caused his name to be put on a watch list issued by the Monroe Republic.


Born in 1983 in Pittsburgh, he has brown hair and blue eyes along with a white complexion. His height is 5' 10" and his weight is 175 lbs. He has a Tribal tattoo circling left bicep. Kerry is also known to usually wear a goatee,beard of moustache. Kerry is also shy which is why he chose journalism.


Before the Blackout, Kerry met his wife while they were both in college. He was unusual for a journalist, refusing to sacrifice the quality of his reporting for the sake of speed. He was often shy, preferring to let his writing speak for him. As such, he never cared to be a leader, and preferred to avoid conflict.


After the Blackout, he struggled to survive. Eventually, a man by the name of Sean Miller offered him a job working at the Noblesville Gazette. There, they continued to provide quality reporting to the town while staying on the right side of the Militia.

Things changed after the Militia 1, the first operational steam train in almost two decades, was unveiled. They began to give more weight to rumors of Militia atrocities and Rebel activities. In the article A Future on the Line, they debated the benefits of said train versus the sacrifices that the population had to make for such progress. Three days later, Sean was murdered and their office burned. Since then, Weldon has been on the run, effectively taking up with the Rebellion. He has continued to write, this time for a Rebel newspaper known as The Open Eye. It focuses on the atrocities of the Monroe Militia and the growing influence of the Rebels, while attempting to recruit more people to their cause. Because of this, the Republic is offering a reward of 1 pound of gold or 20,000 Militia trade dollars for his capture.

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