Ken Hutchinson Revolution.CKN..
Ken Hutchinson
Portrayed byJeff Fahey
First appearanceSoul Train
Biographical information
Also known asHutch
ResidenceNoblesville, Indiana
ProfessionResistance Soldier
Family membersUnnamed Wife - (Deceased)

Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson is a resident of Nobleville, Indiana and the member of the Rebels. He is a book printer (seen making a print of a Harry Potter book) and is also a bookseller.


A supporter of the rebel cause along with his wife, Hutch took a more low-key approach, in contrast to his wife who was more active. After a Republic ambush the entire rebel faction was killed except for Hutch. Hutch agrees to help smuggle a bomb hidden in a wood log onto the Republic train in order to destroy the train and kill the Republic officers on board.

He becomes consumed with revenge and stabs Nora after she finds out that Danny is on the train and she attempts to convince Hutch to abort the mission.


  • His name is a reference to the 1970s ABC crime drama Starsky & Hutch.