Ken Dawson
Ken Dawson
Portrayed byRichard T. Jones
First appearanceThere Will Be Blood
Last appearancePatriot Games
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas

The Patriots


Ken Dawson was the butcher in Willoughby, Texas. He was known for his town-famous venison jerky. 



Before The Blackout Ken lived in Willoughby and was good friends of Rachel Matheson. After his dad died, the two of them spent a lot of time together, drinking and watching the movie Spaceballs many times. He said everyone else either called or texted him giving their condolences.


Nine years after the Blackout, in 2021, a man came to him and told him that he needed him to rebuild the United States, so Ken joined The Patriots.

The Andover Attack

When Miles was kidnapped by the Andover Clan Rachel tried to get his help to rescue him, but Ken refused, saying they needed as many people as possible to protect the town. When Titus Andover and the clan arrived at the gates he helped Miles along with the new sheriff Riley Martin. The three later meet with Rachel and Gene to talk about their plan. When the clan attacked he stayed behind to help defend the town.


A few days later Ken attended a Halloween party put on by The Patriots. He chatted with Rachel who seemed to have a lot on her mind. He later meet with Rachel who told him about Randall Flynn and how she thought The Patriots were up to something. Ken believed every word of her story saying it was incredible. When they ran out of wine he asked her to help get some more from the cellar. When the two went down there Rachel spotted the Eye of Provence symbol on a paper on his desk. Realizing he was a Patriot she tried to run, but he knocked her out. When she woke up he was digging her grave while she hung above it. He told her he had been working for them for seven years and could not have her running around telling people their secrets. He said he never wanted to hurt her because he always secretly had a crush on her, but now he had no choice. Meanwhile Rachel broke free and when he came towards her she headbutted him. While she lay on the ground she grabbed his knife and went to stab him. The two got into a fight over the knife, but Rachel got the upper hand and stabbed Ken in the chest killing him. Rachel then buried him in her grave.

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