President foster
Kelly Foster
Portrayed byLeslie Hope
First appearance"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"
Biographical information
ResidenceAtlanta, Georgia
AffiliationGeorgia Federation

Kelly Foster was the last president of the Georgia Federation.



The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

In The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Foster met with an arrested Miles Matheson who was framed by Alec Penner for shooting a Georgian police officer. He and Foster seem to have issues resulting back to when Miles was in charge of the Monroe Militia.

She released him in order for him to stop Alec from detonating a nuclear bomb that Monroe had him smuggle into Atlanta.

After Miles recovered the bomb, she met with him again. She told him that she didn't care that Monroe had power because she had money and allies in England and naval fleets ready to attack Monroe's border. Foster wanted Miles and the rebels to attack Monroe from the inside and offered Miles two hundred men, a thousand weapons, and the position of general.

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President Foster


In Home, Foster had Miles leading Rebel-Georgian forces against Monroe's southern border. They had won victories in Carbondale, Marion, and Evansville, under the supervision of Captain Dixon. When word reached her of Miles' killing of Dixon, she commented that Dixon could not handle him. She then revealed his replacement, Tom Neville.

The Longest Day

In The Longest Day, Foster appears at the end, having a meeting with Miles. Her views on Monroe's power have changed greatly, with half her army now killed off in an "unfair" fight with drones and the Monroe Militia now days away from Atlanta. She tells Miles to either come up with a tide-changing plan or she would surrender to avoid a repeat of Sherman's March to the Sea.

The Dark Tower

In The Dark Tower, Foster was in her office at the Presidential Compound in Atlanta, Georgia when the power turned on. She was looking at the city as the lights in skyscrapers turned on. She told one of her soldier to "launch everything we got at Philly." It is unknown what her current status is because of ICBMs being launched at Atlanta, but she is most likely deceased, as the Federation has collapsed as of Season 2.


She is a stern but fair woman governing her country justly. She views Sebastian Monroe as a nothing but a nuisance, commenting that he may have power but she has money, allies, and more soldiers ready for a war with him. She knew Miles Matheson from back when he commanded the Monroe Militia, and hates him for the military casualties of the Georgia Federation and for an unknown personal reason as well.


  • In The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, she speaks with no accent whatsoever; in The Longest Day, however, she speaks with a trace of a Southern accent. It is possible she tries to suppress her accent for appearances and found it difficult to do so with the strain she was under as she contemplated surrender.