Justine Allenford
Portrayed byNicole Ari Parker
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Last appearanceCome Blow Your Horn
Biographical information
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
Savannah, Georgia
AffiliationUnited States of America
The Patriots
Family membersRoger Allenford (deceased) - Husband
Max Aalenford - Son

My name is secratary Justine Allenford with the United States government.
— Allenford introducing herself to the refugees in Born in the U.S.A.

Secretary Justine Allenford was a member of The Patriots wife of Commander Roger Allenford and mother of Max Allenford



Before the Blackout, Justine Allenford worked at the Department of Defense with Randall Flynn. Tom Neville also speculates the two shared a cubicle.


after the blackout, She and the Patriots has retreated to Cuba, where her son was taken to a reeducation center and brainwashed.

After the Nukes

In 2028, after the the nukes has destroyed Atlanta and Philadelphia she came to the Savannah Refugee Camp in the Georgia Federation to announce the re-establishment of the United States government and to help pass out some food to the refugees.

Assassination Attempt

Among the refugees were Tom and Jason Neville, Tom medially didn't believe her and knew that they were responsible for destroying Atlanta and Philadelphia, and for the death of Julia. He informed Jason and his friend Greg about his beliefs and the three planned to assassinate Allenford to avenge the death of Julia and Greg's kids. Later while she walked through the refugee camp that The Patriots had taken control of Greg didn't hesitate and prepared to kill Allenford, but he was shot by Tom at the last minute.

Meeting Tom

She later received a message from Garrett before meeting with Tom under his alias Edger Crane she thanked him for saving her life. He lied to her, saying about his identity and told that he worked security for he Monroe Republic and wanted to help. She then accepted Tom and Jason as members of The Patriots. After Tom was interrogated by Deputy Director Vincent Cooke, and almost being killed by him, Allenford had him released. They then told him they knew who he was and even though they didn't totally trust him, they could use his skills. They told him they'd keep him close and had a special assignment for Jason.

Becoming a traitor

Allenford discovered that her superiors were "re-educating" the people and protested until she was recalled back to Washington D.C. A couple of days later she enlisted Tom on her security detail to Washington D.C. along the way they came across another group of patriots who opened fire on Allenford's group. The patriots kill all of Allenford's guards and wounding her before Tom kills the attackers and they fall off the hill. She informs Tom she wrote a letter to Patriot High Command speaking out against the Patriot Reprograming Center and is now a fugitive. Tom heals her wounds the best he can, but then decides to leave her because he wants to be a patriot, not a fugitive. As he is about to leave, she informs him jason was sent to the Reprograming center.

Finding Jason

Allenford leads Tom to the Reprograming center, but upon arrival they are caught off guard by cadets in a training exercise. The two flee to a near by factory but realize one of the cadets is Jason. She tells Tom that her son went through the same training in Cuba and is now a cold blooded killer. That night Tom kills the two cadets with Jason and leads his son into a trap and handcuffs him to a chair until the drugs leave his system. When more cadets are coming Allenford told Neville that his attempts to undo the training done to Jason would not work and that he should leave Jason behind as he would give away their position to the following Patriot cadets, however Neville would not leave him. When they were attacked by Patriot cadets, Allenford watched as Jason went back to the other cadets, but was shocked to learn that Jason had killed the other cadets. Later, she told Neville that Jason was able to recover and how there might be hope for their son Max. Neville shared a drink with her, which was drugged and knocked her out. When she woke up, Neville wanted to know exactly where her husband was.


A couple of days later she was brought to Glendon, North Carolina by Tom to gain favor by turning her over to her husband for punishment.  While Tom left to get her husband she remained prisoner under Jason's watch. She tried to escape , but was stopped by Jason.. When Tom returned with her husband Roger Allenford she begged him to forgive her and to kill Tom and Jason. Roger told her that what she did was stupid and that he had to do what was the right thing for him. He then shot her in the chest.

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