Joseph Wheatley
Joseph Wheatley
Portrayed byReed Diamond
First appearance"Kashmir"
Last appearance"Kashmir"
Biographical information
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania (Formerly)

West Chester, Pennsylvania

ProfessionMilitia Corporal (Formerly)

Rebel Sergeant

AffiliationMonroe Republic

Rebellion (Formerly)

Family membersunnamed sister

2 Unnamed nieces or nephews


Corporal Joseph Wheatley was a member of the Monroe Militia and an undercover spy in the Rebels.



On the night of September 17, 2012, Joseph was camping with his sister and her two children near the Canadian border. The only sign of the Blackout was when his flashlight went out; he did not notice that something was wrong until he was unable to start the car on September 19. As society had already fallen into disarray, his sister and her children only survived a few days. Later, he came to hate the chaos that had claimed their lives.


Corporal Wheatley was unusual in the Militia in that he had volunteered for service, as opposed to being one of countless conscripts forced to fight against their will. He fought during the Trenton campaign, and was later awarded a medal by then-General Miles Matheson.

Later, he was being trained as a scout, since he was from the area and familiar with the terrain. On the night of May 27, 2026, he and five others attempted to reconnoiter a tent settlement. They were attacked by rebels, killing all of the soldiers except for Wheatley and one other.  He later killed the other survivor in order to maintain his cover with the rebels.

After joining the Rebels, he aided in raiding Militia outposts and armories, much to his disgust, and gathered information all the while. He sent letters to the head of Intelligence & Interrogation while he was out hunting by himself. The other rebels promoted him to sergeant on April 27, 2027. On March 3, he repaired a United States flag. Over the course of a year, he became more and more disgusted with how his superiors were handling the situation, failing to act even when he had provided them with complete information. When the camp was attacked, he had no choice but to fight back; to do anything else was suicide. He also informed his superiors of the fact that the Rebels were not going to give up on their mission.

On November 19, 2027, Miles Matheson and his companions arrived in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and Wheatley recognized him immediately. After Miles convinced the leader to let them go, he led Wheatley and several rebels into Philadelphia through the SEPTA tunnels. Wheatley planned to betray them, and when they found an exit, he shot and killed them, save for Aaron Pittman, Ashley, and Charlie Matheson. As he took Miles prisoner, he attempted to kill Charlie, but she was only grazed. The sergeant was then killed by a crossbow bolt to the chest.


There are multiple inconsistencies between Wheatley's accounts in Footnotes and the animated webisodes Wheatley's Letters; mainly, dates do not match up.

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