Image.John Sanborn
John Sanborn
Portrayed byLeland Orser
First appearanceThe Stand
Last appearanceClue
Biographical information
ResidenceDover, Delaware
ProfessionInventor of Advanced Weaponry
AffiliationMonroe Republic



John Sanborn was a former friend and colleague working with Rachel Matheson for the Department of Defense He lives in a small home in Dover, which was formerly part of Delaware. He is the possessor of one of the twelve pendants, and has spent his time since The Blackout designing and constructing advanced weaponry including surface to air thermal guided missiles and sonic cannons.

When Miles and Rachel came to his house in Dover in search of weapons to counter Monroe's helicopters, John initially welcomed them in. However, he was nervous and fidgety, quickly revealing that Randall captured Grace, had found him and had gotten into the Tower. He knocked them out with a sonic cannon, but they quickly escaped and incapacitated him. He was present when Randall drove to Philadelphia and allied himself with Monroe.

Later, John realizes that Randall, Monroe, and the Militia went too far. He saved Nora Clayton after she was interrogated by the Monroe Republic by drugging her and faking her death. He then drove her out of Philadelphia. After he drove Nora to Atlanta, Georgia, he told Miles that Monroe is heading to the Tower and is going to kill Rachel. He said he's going to help, but Miles did not trust him. John then blames himself for all the terrible things he has done, including helping Randall and torturing Nora, which the Militia has forced him to do. He joined Miles and the gang to head to the Tower and save Rachel. On the way to the Tower, he was shot and killed by Jim Hudson when he reveals to Miles Matheson that Jason Neville was not the killer.


John can be seen as a parallel to the character of Lloyd Henreid, Randall Flagg's second-in-command from the novel The Stand. However, while Lloyd is fiercely loyal to Flagg and does not question him, partly due to Flagg saving his life, Sanborn only served Randall Flynn out of fear, and eventually abandons him. As such, he is more a parallel to Whitney Horgan, the first of Flagg's followers to openly stand up to him.