John Franklin Fry
John Franklin Fry
Portrayed byJim Beaver
First appearanceOne Riot, One Ranger
Last appearanceOne Riot, One Ranger
Biographical information
ResidenceAustin, Texas
Willoughby, Texas
ProfessionTexas Ranger
Texas Rangers

John Franklin Fry was the Secretary of the Interior of the Sovereign Nation of Texas and a Texas Ranger.


Post Blackout

Sometime after the blackout Fry became head of The Texas Rangers and a close ally to the General of Texas and became secretary of the interior. When Miles was still the commanding General of the Monroe Republic he tried to assassinate Fry, but failed.


When the city of Austin received a letter that the town of Willoughby had been saved from attack, Fry was sent to investigate the Patriots. He and other rangers arrived and Fry spoke with Edward Truman, unconvinced of the Patriots intentions. Fry met with Miles Matheson who told him that the Patriots were bad news but Fry wanted proof of their intentions to bring back to General Carver. Fry met with Miles that night for the proof, but the man that Miles had captured, killed himself. Sebastian Monroe shot Fry dead and came up with a plan to frame the Patriots for his death to start a war. Miles and Monroe cleaned up the scene, tied a block to Fry and dumped his body in a shallow pool, where the other Rangers found his body.

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