John Faber 1x08
Colonel John Faber
First appearance"Soul Train"
Biographical information
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
AffiliationMonroe Militia
Family membersAnita Faber - Wife
Stephen Faber - Son

Colonel John Faber is a high-level commander in the Monroe Militia.



Nothing is known about his life before The Blackout yet.


Faber reports to Monroe that the Georgia Federation and Plains Nation have allied with each other and massed their troops along the Monroe Republic 's borders. ("Soul Train")

Faber's son is reported by Neville to be part of the Rebel cell. Monroe dispatches troops and thwarts a bombing plot that was targeting him,executing the 8 rebels on the spot. Faber is brought in for "interrogation", in reality a brutal beating, while Monroe and Neville discuss the situation in front of him. ("Ties That Bind")


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