Joe Matthews is a resident of Willoughby, and the father of Dillon and Heather Matthews.

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Joe began to work for the Patriots when they arrived in town, working on the locomotives at the train yard.

When his son joined the Patriots and disappeared, he began to believe that the Patriots were not what they said to be. He was approached by Marion Reilly to help Miles Matheson, whom he met near a creek near the train station, and later brought Heather in as part of their plan to steal a Patriot train hauling mustard gas. After stealing the train, Joe, Miles, and the others discovers that the mustard gas was gone. That is when Joe realizes that the Patriots is about to use mustard gas at the courthouse in Willoughby, during the Memorial Day celebration.

After arriving in Willoughby, Joe helps many people escape, while Miles and the others stop the Patriots' plan. Later, when President Jack Davis announces that Texas and California are at war with each other, Joe and Heather went to inform Miles and the others. To prevent war, Joe disguises himself as a Patriot soldier to trick President Davis into admitting his war crimes to Texas. After President Davis was arrested by the Texas Rangers, Joe finally avenged his son's death.

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