Jim Hudson
Jim Hudson
First appearance"Ghosts"
Last appearance"Clue"
Biographical information
Also known asHenry Bemis
ResidenceCulpepper, Virginia (Formerly)

Annapolis, Maryland

ProfessionMilitia Soldier (Formerly)
Librarian (Formerly)
Rebel Colonel (Formerly)
Militia Captain

Monroe Republic

Family membersSophie Hudson Ex- Wife

Jim Hudson was a member of the Monroe Militia and an old friend of Miles Matheson.


Eleven years after the Blackout, he aided Miles in his plot to kill Monroe. However, Miles failed and Hudson was left holding the bag. During his time in the Militia, he was regarded as one of the most dangerous soldiers in the entire military.

Some time after that, he settled down in the town of Culpepper, Virginia . There, he changed his name to Henry Bemis and became the town librarian. At some point, he married Sophie, who was unaware of his past. After he joined up with the Rebels he was referred to as Colonel Hudson, which may have been his rank during his service with the Militia as well.

After his wife is captured by the Monroe Militia, he betrayed the Rebels, providing the Monroe Militia with intelligence over a period of time. Now that the Monroe Republic has power, he believes that the war with Georgia and the Rebellion is lost. He shot and killed John Sanborn after he revealed who was the spy, then he engaged Miles in a brutal hand-to-hand fight. Hudson was shot three times in the back by Jason Neville, killing him.


  • He is apparently a fan of The Twilight Zone, as he uses the name of one of the characters as an alias.
  • He is also apparently a fan of Stephen King, as an entire section of the Culpeper library is dedicated to his books.

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