Revolution-Jason Neville Season Two
Jason Neville
Portrayed byJ.D. Pardo

Blaise Atkinson (child)

First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearanceAustin City Limits
Biographical information
Also known asNate Walker
ProfessionMilitia lieutenant (formerly)
AffiliationThe Monroe Republic (formerly)

Rebels (formerly) The Patriots (formerly)

Family members


Lieutenant Jason Neville, also known as Nate Walker, was Tom Neville's son and a former member of the Monroe Militia and the Rebels.




Young Jason Neville (Portrayed by Blaise Atkinson)

Jason was born in 2005. The son of Tom and Julie Neville, he was 7 years old when the Blackout occurred. On the day of the Blackout, he greeted his father as he came home from work. That night, he was watching his father punch a punching bag. When his father began to teach him, the power went out. Tom told his son only to punch the bag, and not people.


Six weeks after the Blackout, a neighbor breaks into the Neville home in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Jason runs downstairs and witnesses his father beat the man to death.

Fifteen years after the blackout, Jason Neville is a member of militia, working for his father Capt. Tom Neville. He is given one simple order: Pretend to be a survivor of The Blackout and make friends with Charlie Matheson and her group, keep deceiving them until they locate what they are searching for, Miles Matheson, who seems to be the only one now who has information about The Blackout since his brother Ben was killed. So he stages it near a waterfall and begins the act. He practice fires his bow and arrow as Charlie sneaks up behind and watches him. Jason indicates that he knows she is there. Charlie says she is just going to get some water for her canteen. They go their separate ways for now. Later that night, the group was being mugged by three bandits. One of the thugs was dragging Charlie to the cockpit to potentially rape her. Jason, hearing the commotion, kills the bandit with an arrow. After that, he had successfully gained the groups trust and travels with them to Chicago to locate his primary target, Miles Matheson.


They reach Chicago the next morning and enter a bar/hotel. The group takes a seat at the bar and Charlie asks the bartender where Miles is. The bartender says he doesn't know Miles. After Charlie explains of the events that led them to Chicago, the bartender asks Charlie to follow him to the backroom. Jason, who does not want Charlie to leave his sight, takes out a knife and points it at the bartender. The bartender easily takes the knife out of Jason's hand and forces it against his throat. The bartender explains that Charlie was his niece and he doesn't know him. With that revealed, Walker has now completed half his mission. Now he just needed a way to get to a nearby militia settlement and lead them here to arrest
Miles. After Charlie and Miles speak in the backroom for a few minutes, Charlie comes back in tears and says they have to leave. Walker angrily walks up to Miles with the knife and demands to know what he did to Charlie. Miles, once again, takes the knife out of Miles hand and pulls down his sleeve. His branded militia insignia was now revealed to the group, eliminating his cover. Jason takes out his bow and arrows and backs out of the bar.

He tracks down a militia squad not far from the bar and tells them he has located Miles Matheson in Chicago and says he will lead them there. They arrive at the bar, where Miles is drinking in the backroom. Jason says he has orders to arrest Miles in order to obtain information about The Blackout. When some men move close to Miles to apprehend him, he fights them off. He mostly uses hand-to-hand combat to kill almost half of the squad. However, he eventually gets surrounded, but thanks to the timely arrival of Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron, he is saved and they fight the militia together. He knew the squad was going to be wiped out and decides to save his own life and retreat. On his way out of the bar, he sees Charlie being beaten by a militia soldier. He hurries over and wacks the soldier on the head with his bow, causing him to go unconscious, he then runs off.

Jason has been following Miles and Charlie Matheson, Aaron, and Maggie for a day. He sneaks behind desolate trains in a train yard as the group continues to follow the tracks.

Pontiac, Illinois

1x02 CharlieDitchingNate

Charlie ditching Nate.

He tracks Charlie when she leaves Aaron and Maggie behind to look for Miles, who ran off to find Nora. When she realizes she is being followed, she fakes being hurt by jumping off a wall next to an abandoned interstate where he then offered to help her. She refuses his help, but he hurries to help her anyway. When he gets close enough, she handcuffs him to a utility pole and questions him as to what he's doing. Upset that he was using her group to try to flush out her uncle, Charlie turns to go. As she leaves, he reveals his name is not Nate Walker.


Jason tracks Charlie, Miles, Nora, Aaron, and Maggie into an amusement park. Miles senses him nearby, and the two get into a fistfight. Charlie pushes Jason away from Miles and suggests taking Jason as prisoner to try and get information on Danny, instead of letting Miles kill him. Jason is then handcuffed again and is brought along with the group.

Later, when Charlie is kidnapped by the man who kept the dogs, he helps Miles find her and rescue her, killing the man.

Leaving The Militia

After Danny's family escapes from Monroe in Philadelphia, Jason and his father track them to a rebel camp. As Tom is getting ready to inform Monroe of the rebel location, Jason tries to stop them by saying this is not what he signed up for. Tom and Jason fight it out with Tom getting the best. Instead of killing him, Tom tells his son to never come home again.

Jason finds Charlie and warns her of the impending attack. Although she is grateful for the warning, Charlie tells Jason to leave.


After joining the Rebellion, Jason tries to help Charlie get Dr. Stephen Camp back to his family. His father continues to push his son farther and farther away from ever having any respect for him. Soon after trying to help the Dr. get back to his family, Jason becomes more discussed with his father that he walks away from his father after Tom tried to make his own son shot him; which he did not. Charlie follows Jason and they attempt to go North but before they can the Rebel's are attacked by Monroe's Militia out of nowhere. Jason gets attacked by the Militia and is beaten up badly. Tom comes to his rescue saying that he has done every bad thing in the good book, but that he draws the line when it comes to seeing his own son die. Jason is taken to a hospital in Georgia and Charlie is waiting next to his bed waiting for him to wake up. When Jason wakes up he see's Charlie, he begins to apologize for not saving her. Jason touches her face with his hand and then Charlie moves in to kiss Jason on the lips when she does that he kisses her back.

The Tower

Jason gets of the Helicopter with his Father and the rest of the Group later Neville and Jason go explode an amplifier in Monroe's encampment. Then Neville and Jason are fight the Monroe Militia however when Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aron get in the tower door shuts out Jason and Neville before they can get in.

Texas and Death

Jason and his father join the Patriots in hopes of eventually murdering their leader in revenge for Julia, whom they believe to have died in Atlanta. Jason is sent to a reeducation center created by the Patriots and is brainwashed into an assassin. When Tom finds Jason, he successfully brings Jason back to his right state of mind. After their plan is found out by the Patriots, Julia is captured, and Neville and Jason hunt down Monroe in hopes of killing him in exchange for Julia's life. However, Jason's reprogramming is not completely gone, as he is eventually forced to reveal Tom's plan. When Neville tells Jason to suck it up and fight, Jason runs off. Furious that The Patriots are brainwashing young kids just like they did to him, and then discovering that The Patriots were planning on assassinating President Carver, he along with Miles, Bass, Charlie, and Conner made their way to Austin to thwart it. However, Jason's programming kicked in again and was used as Plan B to assassinate President Carver. When Charlie finds Jason, he attacks her, not being in the right state of mind. Charlie stabs Jason in the leg in an attempt to stop him but he attempts to stab her. Charlie shoots him in self defense and Jason dies in her arms.


He was known to try and do the right thing, even against his fathers wishes and switched sides many times. He had a weakness for Charlie and many times came to her rescue.


Tom Neville - Father

Julia Neville - Mother

Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson - Love interest, girlfriend


Season 1

Season 2


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