Neville's Humvee

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, more commonly known as the Humvee, is a vehicle used by several post-Blackout nations to transport troops and supplies.



The Humvee entered service with the United States Army and United States Marine Corps in 1984. It was intended to be an unarmored and unarmed troop and cargo transport operating behind the front lines. While it served in this role during Operation Just Cause and the First Gulf War, it suffered heavy losses when it was used as a combat vehicle during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993.

They have also seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq, where IEDs forced heavier armor to be added to the vehicles. Weapons were continually upgraded, each vehicle being fitted with either an M2HB .50 caliber machine gun, M240B light machine gun, Mk.19 40mm grenade launcher, or TOW anti-tank missiles. The new M114 upgraded Humvees were entering service with the military in 2012, when the Blackout occurred.


Like all devices that require electricity to operate, Humvees sat idle after the Blackout. While diesel-engined ones would have remained operational, fuel would have soon run out. An M114 up-armored Humvee sat in the front yard of Drexel's mansion in Columbus, Ohio; while it was inoperable and lacked weapons, he used its armored doors as a shield in case Aaron or Nora decided to betray him.

With over 10,000 vehicles produced, it is not surprising that the Humvee has found its way into the Monroe Militia. Sebastian Monroe's forces began collecting powered military equipment around 11 years after the Blackout, but they have only recently seen use.

After being re-powered by a pendant amplifier, three Humvees were used along with an M35 truck during the Milita's attack on Echo Base. These had gun turrets and armor, but lacked weapons. They were all painted desert tan. Tom Neville rode in a Humvee as part of a Militia convoy when the truck in front of it was destroyed by an IED. In the resulting crash, the driver was killed and Neville was captured by the Rebels. This Humvee had armored doors and was painted in standard NATO green/black/brown camouflage. Three more were seen at an old cement plant in Finley Pennsylvania, where they picked up a suitcase bomb for the Militia. These Humvees were armored, but lacked weapons and were painted in overall desert tan.


Monroe Republic

The Humvee has been in service with the Militia since about 2023. Most of them appear to be M114 modernized variants, with various armor kits added on. Almost all of them at least have armored doors, but they all lack mounted weapons. The reason for this is unknown. They have been seen painted in both desert tan and NATO camouflage consisting of overall dark green with patches of brown and black. The Humvees and other motorized forces have spearheaded Monroe's attack on Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Federation

The Georgia Federation was seen preparing at least one Humvee, along with many other military vehicles, as the Monroe Militia closed in on Atlanta. While it was useless without a pendant amplifier, it did mount a .50 caliber machine gun. It was likely destroyed along with the rest of the city when it was struck by nuclear missiles launched by Randall Flynn.


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