The Georgian Navy is the water-borne arm of the Federation's military. Their main role is to patrol the waterways controlled by the Georgia Federation.


It is unknown when exactly the Georgian Navy was founded, but it probably coincides with the founding of the Federation itself. It is known that they are ready to set sail and attack the Republic from the sea.

The Federation's covert-operations section, on the other hand, is very active against the Monroe Militia. With Major Neville, they plotted to kidnap Monroe's anthrax supplier using an innocent-looking steam-powered fishing trawler. They operate in the rivers of the Federation, where their unique propulsion system allows for quick maneuvers that would be impossible for sailboats. This mission failed, however, when Charlie Matheson hatched a plot to free the doctor and his family, and the crew of the boat was killed by machine gun fire from a nearby Militia outpost.


In addition to tall ships, steam boats, and wooden ships-of-the-line stationed in Savannah, Georgia, the Navy also operates several covert-operations craft disguised as fishing trawlers. Said craft are steam-powered, giving them the ability to move quickly without the need for favorable winds.



The Love Boat


  • Even though the World War II-era battleship USS North Carolina (BB-55) was seen in promotional photos, it never appeared in any episodes. It is possible that the ship was only used for interior scenes, however.
  • Oddly, the name of Captain Lucas' boat is never mentioned in the episode.

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