General Donegan is a military leader in Texas.
Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.15.21 AM

General Donegan, first appears in the deleted scene from Declaration of Independence.



In a deleted scene, General Donegan met with Edward Truman at Camp Riker, as Texas prepared to go to war against the California Commonwealth.

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General Donegan, seen in the episode, "Declaration of Independence".

Later, Donegan came with Gene Porter and General Frank Blanchard to an old church in order to prove that the Patriots are war criminals. When Miles and the others tricked President Jack Davis into confessing to his atrocities, General Donegan and General Frank Blanchard were both shocked and angry at Davis, and the Texas Rangers arrested him for his crimes against humanity. Later, General Donegan was present when the Texas Rangers began to hunt down and execute the Patriots.


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