Garret and.
Portrayed byJason Douglas
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Last appearanceOne Riot, One Ranger
Biographical information
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
Willoughby, Texas
ProfessionDouble Agent
AffiliationWar Clan
The Patriots

Garrett is Titus Andover's boss and a member of The Patriots.



The War Clan

After The Surge Garrett arrived in Texas from Cuba and paid Titus Andover to attack Willoughby, Texas. He aided in the capture of many townspeople like Sara Wilkerson. He later returned to capture Cynthia and other townspeople, but was interrupted by Miles and Mason. He and the other tribesmen easily overpowered the two and brought them back to Titus. After imprisoning the two he took their blood and after finding out Mason didn't have O negative blood he had him executed. After Miles tries to escape with Sara he brought him to speak with Titus, where he showed him that they killed the messenger sent to Austin and proceeded to break Miles' hand.

Attack on Willoughby

Afterwards he brought Miles to the room where Titus was planing on draining Miles' blood to save his wife, Jessica. After he left, Miles escaped with the help of Gene and Rachel. He went with Titus and the rest of the tribe to retrieve her. He urged Titus not to attack the town, but Titus ignored him and after finding out that his wife was dead. While the town was under siege he snuck in and captured Titus while The Patriots killed the attacking Tribesman.
Garret paT.

Garrett, in his Patriot uniform.

The Patriots

A couple of days later he was working with Scott at the train yard. The two were using the captured tribesman to stage fake attacks. Miles found them, but his position was revealed and Garrett ordered his men to find Miles, but he only found their dead bodies. He reported what happened to Truman, and advised him to tell Dr. Horn. Ed disagreed, but Garrett convinced him to send the bodies to Dr. Horn and he is ordered to find out who was in the train yard.


A couple of nights later he and a group of Patriots ambushed Miles, Monroe, and Charlie while they were searching for evidence to show Fry. The three were able to kill all the Patriots except Garrett. Miles decided to capture him and force him to tell Fry the truth. They brought him back to an abandoned mill, but when Fry arrived, they found that he committed suicide by biting his cyanide tooth.




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