Portrayed byRamon Fernandez
First appearance"Clue"
Last appearance"Children of Men"
Biographical information
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
AffiliationMonroe Militia
Family membersWife

Major Franklin was a commissioned officer in the Monroe Militia.


In 2027, when Sebastian Monroe occupied the area around The Tower, Franklin served as his second-in-command. He informed Monroe that two Plains Nation tribes, the Collins Tribe to the north and Kaminski tribe to the south, may attack them. ("Clue") Later when Rachel Matheson attempted to kill Monroe in his tent with a grenade, Franklin tackled Monroe, shielding him until the grenade was thrown away.

When Monroe entered the Tower, Franklin stayed above ground to defend the area. He captured Tom Neville and his son Jason after the two were left behind when the Tower's doors closed. Neville attempted to involve Franklin in a coup against Monroe, he failed to convince Franklin, but managed to persuade Captain Riley and several other officers. Franklin was later captured by the other soldiers and tied to a chair. Neville came into his tent, saying he would let him go and telling him to disappear somewhere with his wife. Neville then offered Franklin his sidearm, suddenly firing twice behind him with Franklin's gun, then shot and killed Franklin with his gun. Neville then planted Franklin's sidearm on him, framing him, he claimed to the other soldiers that Franklin attempted to shoot him. ("Children of Men")